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Who are we?

Welcome Gay Cousins!

If you've ever been sitting around the family reunion wondering "who's the gay cousin?" only to realize the call is coming from inside the house, we've got you, sweetie. Join The Gay Cousin Club to chat about all our gay cousins from the inspiring, to the spooky, to the downright criminal. Just two midwestern bisexuals chatting about the cool, and often hidden, queer folks throughout history.

Britt and Dani are two millennial sisters that believe that too much of history has been straight-washed (I mean come on, they weren't just really good friends or roommates!). They set out to hang, chat, and tell the thrilling stories of our LGBTQIA+ cousins that have been buried, altered, or just straight-up ignored.


Lgbtq comedy podcast, lgbtq history podcast, straight-washed history, gay podcast, gay comedy podcast.

Two women gossiping, text: history is homophobic, The Gay Cousin Club Est.2022, Britt and Dani whispering
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